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Tämä sivu päivittyy epäsäännöllisemmin, ja yleensä sellaisten toimijoiden kurssitiedoilla joiden kanssa olen itse ollut tavalla tai toisella tekemisissä. Valikoimaa ainakin Euroopassa järjestettävistä kursseista kannattaa selailla allaolevista linkeistä:


Nordic Permaculture Festival 8 – 11th August 2013. Hurdal, Norway

The Nordic Permaculturefestival is coming up very soon! We are in full swing with the preparations, and it is lovely to see how it is growing and coming together here in Hurdal! We are looking forwards to a wonderful gathering, and hope you have the opportunity to come and join in! There are a limited amount of tickets, so book soon!

We have gathered all the information youre ever going to need about the festival below.

You can also check out our website in the link below, and our facebook links.
Hope to see you on the 8 – 11th august.


Love Helene

Hjemmeside/ Website:

Facebook site:

Facebook event:

*Advanced Forest Gardening* 6-20th April 2013 in Sweden

Venue: Furuberg Vreten
Led by: Richard Perkins (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-aprmay-2013.html

Forest Gardening represents the most sustainable form of food production through utilizing perennial crops on multiple layers. Not only does this allow us to stack crops vertically on any given site, by applying forest ecology principles we can also achieve the resilience, abundance and diversity of natural forest systems. Annual agriculture is today an incredibly unsustainable pursuit; industrial, fossil fuel and capital intensive monocultures than use up to 10 times the calories produced in their creation. Ironic as nature is powered on sunlight. We study forest ecology alongside soil development and all other aspects of related topics to allow us to design in complex plant matrixes that will function well beyond our own lifetimes. This exciting and emerging study will yield rich insights into the past as well as future forms of localized, perennial, decentralized human scale production.

What can I expect from the course? This course is a mixture of theory, design and hands on practical’s. The site is being developed as an extensive forest garden and dedicated perennial forest garden nursery for Scandinavia. We will have plenty of opportunity to go through all aspects of planning, developing and maintaining a forest garden. Fast paced and intensive yet dynamic and sense engaging, this course will leave participants confident inspecies choice, guild selection, patch design, propagation and maintenance of their site, as well as all manner of resources for further study.

Topics covered will include;
• Composts, Compost Teas
• Biofertilisers
• Soil Development
• Ground Preparation
• Mulch Systems
• Design process
• Species Selection
• Agroforestry
• Timber Processing
• Planting Database
• Seed/ Plant Sources
• Windbreak Design
• Fencing
• Integrating Animals
• Fungi & Mushrooms
• Innoculants
• Siting
• Nursery Stock
• Propagation & Grafting

*International Certified PDC, 4-18th May 2013 Sweden*

Venue: Gravsta Gord
Led by: Richard Perkins,
Integralpermanence (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-may-2013.html

Join us for a world class PDC training less than an hour from Stockholm. This course is in English language, an opportunity to take an internationally renowned PDC with one of Europes most active Permaculture professionals.

We are running intensive back to back practicum intensives as well as this world class PDC training April through to July within the locality, with opportunity for discounted rates for extended study. *Integralpermanence* has practical/ design and teaching experience in every major climate zone and has taught to hundreds of students from over 40 countries around the world and is certified by PRI (Aus) and PC Assoc (UK). We focus on integrating cutting edge and up to date global practices into a design practice packed course, putting DESIGN back into the Permaculture DESIGN Course!

Please email for a comprehensive information pack

*Jean-Pain Compost Heated Glasshouse Practicum*
27- 1st May 2013 in Sweden

Venue: Furuberg Vreten
Led by: Richard Perkins (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-april-2013.html

A pioneering project and the first of its kind we are aware of. Get involved for this unique hands on practicum integrating theory and design as we create a year round cold climate BioIntensive production system for high quality local food. Jean Pains unique composting methodology has been widely overlooked and misunderstood. During the practicum we will build the first functional integrated system for glasshouse heating and farmscale compost production.

The course will be very much hands on, but will also integrate various aspects of Permaculture design;
– Local food marketing
– BioFertilisers
– Compost and compost teas
– BioIntensive vegetable production
– Integrative systems design
– Wild foods
– Permaculture Design

More info here; http://www.integralpermanence.org/glasshouse-info.html

*Bioconstruction- Building a Hobbit Home*
8-17th June 2013 in Sweden

Venue: Furuberg Vreten
Led by: Richard Perkins (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-june-2013.html

This practicum will be primarily hands on, making quick decisions and creatively collaborating to make a multi- functional building that will serve as a washroom, drying room, herb/ mushroom /fruit drying racks as well as a sauna and radiant heated relaxation space orientated towards the setting sun down the valley to the West of the property.

We aim to build roundwood timber framing to support a reciprocal roof that will be clad and turfed as a living roof. The walls will be in filled with strawbale and plastered with natural clay and lime renders. Using bottles and recycled glazing and other locally sourced materials/ waste we will learn how to design and build a low cost yet beautiful and functional building within a very short space of time.

Alongside daily building tasks we shall begin with theory and classroom time focused on appropriate building design in this and other climates, as well as any aspects of Permaculture design the group feel inclined to look into. We have the opportunity to use the evenings to study other areas of interest related to building, community and Permaculture, watch films to extend the learning or simply relax together in the community that we build during our time together.

Other topics will include;
• Eco-friendly house placement and design
• Energy efficient architecture
• Energy conservation/ Microclimate considerations
• Natural Plasters/ Paints/ Finishes
• Community Building
• Decision Making
• Leadership Development
• Aspects of Permaculture Design/ Integrated Systems thinking http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-june-2013.html

Proposed build sketch

*Advanced Design, Earthworks Practicum*
20- 2nd June 2013 in Sweden

Venue: Gravsta Gord
Led by: Richard Perkins (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: http://www.integralpermanence.org/sweden-may-20131.html

With the aim to construct an extensive aquaculture system designed to remain active through the cold winter, the design includes earth banked microclimate yielding perennial/ orchard production as well as contoured broad scale crop terraces. A chance to get involved with big earth moving to tweek and develop productive systems in a cold climate setting, yet appropriate to a wide range of settings. A chance for students to get involved with understanding, designing and implementing large scale earthworks designed to maximize beneficial growing opportunities in a cold temperate environment. We are also running back to back intensives in the locality April through July as well as 2 world class PDC’s, see www.integralpermanence.org for more details.

*International Certified PDC, Sweden*
Summer of Soil Workshop Series 8-21st July 2013

Venue: Culture House, Jarna Biodynamic Centre
Led by: Richard Perkins (P.R.I.&P.C.Assoc)
Web: www.integralpermanence.org

A chance to get an internationally certified PDC training with Richard Perkins of *Integralpermanence.org,*one of Europes most active Permaculture Professionals, during a very busy series of workshops with various experts from around the globe for the awesome SUMMER OF SOIL series…

Our courses are highly regarded around the world and internationally certified by PRI (Aus) and PC Assoc (UK). With years of experience designing, teaching and consulting in every major climate zone through 4 continents, *Integralpermanence* and guests will be sharing this powerful and dynamic learning adventure with an international crowd. You can see our extensive up to date course schedule at


Rakettiuunikurssi Virossa 20.-22.4. 2012

Rakettahju ehitamise koolitus Jaanus Viese juhendamisel toimub 20.-22.aprillil Kõnnujõe külas Jõgevamaal.


Lisätietoja klikkaamalla kuvaa tai osoiteesta www.valedalama.net

–   –   –

PDC-Kurssi 16.-29.1.2012 Quinta do Vale da Lama, Portugal

Ecology – Organic Horticulture – Woodland – Permaculture Design Course
With Patrick Whitefield

These modules are the ingredients of this dynamic course. The first three are one week long  each and the Permaculture Design Course is two weeks. You can:

  • take the whole course at once
  • spread it over two or more years
  • or just take the module(s) that interest you most

The course is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge which complements the skills you can learn while actually working on the land. We hold it in winter because that’s the best season to take time out from land work for indoor learning. Even so, we have at least one outdoor session every day and make full use of the woods, fields and gardens on the farm in all four modules. More information here.


To *register* for this course, please go to:
The course is published in the *Grundtvig Comenius Training Database*
(search for the following reference number: DE-2012-1229-001):

*This means: For residents from the EU (other than Germany), full funding is available for course fee, board and lodging and travel.

For *more information* on registration and on how to apply for funding, please contact the organizer, Beate Walsdorff: sementeviva@googlemail.com<mailto:sementeviva@googlemail.com>

We are looking forward to your participation in the course and would like to say thank you for spreading the word! Just the best from the team: Patrick, Tomas, Beate and Sandra.

The 2012 Carbon Farming Course: Workshops in Regenerative Agriculture
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carbon-Farming-Course/278662842164753 http://CarbonFarmingCourse.com/

Carbon Farming puts carbon where it belongs – in the soil. Check out this incredible line-up of speakers from around the world!

• Jan 17-19: Holistic Management: Ann Adams, Holistic Management International
• Jan 20-22: Keyline Farming: Darren Doherty, Regen Ag
• Jan 24-26: Perennial Agriculture: Wes Jackson, The Land Institute & Dave Jacke, Edible Forest Gardens
• Jan 27-29: Tree Crops & Agroforestry: Eric Toensmeier, Perennial Solutions
• Jan 31 – Feb 1: Living Soils: Elaine Ingham, Soil Foodweb International
• Feb 2: BioChar Colloquium: Jason Aramburu, Re:Char & many more!
• Feb 4: Financing Regenerative Agriculture Conference
• Feb 5: Local Food Systems: Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms

Sponsored by The Northeast Organic Farming Associations of NY and NJ (NOFA-NY, NOFA-NJ), The New England Farmers Union, Terra Genesis International, Food Forest Farm, A Growing Culture, and Gaia University International. $1795 all workshops, $495 individual workshops, $110 individual workshops. Group rates and early registration discounts apply if registered by December 1.

Finansiell Permakultur 11.11.2011

Den 12 – 13 november 2011 hos Helena von Bothmer på Sydkoster, Sverige

Välkommen till vår lärarkurs i Finansiell Permakultur, program och info medsänds. Sänd gärna inbjudan vidare! Anmälan till Helena von Bothmer helena at  kosterstradgardar. se

Inbjudan till fin. pk på Sydkoster nov 11

Tallinnan Telliskiven Luovuuden Linnakkeessa, os. Telliskivi 60a, Tallinna
(2km satamasta ) * <http://web.zone.ee/ecomess/fi/ekokapina.html>

TO 8.9. Seminaari: ”Luonnonmateriaalit lastenkasvatuksessa – koulutus ja terapia” sekä työpajoja
PE 9.9. Seminaari ja työpajoa: ”Ekomateriaalit ja kaupunkikuva”
LA-SU 10.-11.9. Monenkirjavaa messuamista alueella mm. eko-teemaiset esittelyt, interaktiivinen näyttely ”Luonnonmateriaalit rakentamisessa”, elokuvaohjelmia, ekorakentajien foorumi, lasten ohjelmaa, entisöijien neuvontaa, antiikki-, käsityö- ja kirpputori ym. ym.

Katso lisää: http://web.zone.ee/ecomess/fi/ekokapina.html sekä www.pronatmat.eu www.lumoverkosto.fi järj. Promoting Natural Materials Know-how Suomi-Viro yhteistyöhanke

Permaculture Design Certificate course 19.9.-2.10. 2011
+ 10 Week Practical Internship 5.10.- 9.12. 2011
Vale da Lama Institute, Algarve, Portugal

See a youtube video about the institute and visit the website for more information.

International 9 day bale-cob and cob workshop in
North Latvia (11-19.July 2011),
where we build small cottage with fireplace.

The course work language is English.
More info about workshop
More info about cottage project

Bale-cob is a so called hybrid building method, where outside wall has 2 layers – outside bales and inside cob (sand-clay-straw). 10-15 cm cob accumulate stove heat and gives the change to sculpt rounded furniture into the wall. Strawbales are for insulation. The bales joints are also filled with cob but without cold-bridges.

Workshop instructor Jaanus Viese (www.juured.ee) has run cob project since year 2004. This workshop is a affiliated workshops with Cob Cottage Company, where Jaanus has studied natural building. Jaanus has 13 years experience as a group facilitator and 7 years background with natural building. Jaanus has also academical backround (Master of Environment Siences), he has worked with many different rocket mass stoves project and build cob and masonry benches and ovens.

Check also the cottage foundation and model photos

Nordic Permaculture Festival 26-28. August 2011

Location: Hegnstrup, Gl. Københavnsvej 14, 3550 Slangerup, Denmark

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is an event aiming to facilitate and broaden the knowledge of sustainable solutions in our modern world.

The festival will act as a forum for people already engaged in sustainable businesses, construction, agriculture, and other activities to share amongst themselves and the general public.

The festival intents to open up the field of sustainability to a broader public view with a hands-on as well as theoretical focus. The festival is an opportunity for participants from the different Nordic countries to gather and exchange information about sustainable solutions from their areas – both on a national and local level.

Do you want to join us? Or are you interested in instructing a practical or theoretical workshop within your field of experience, present your sustainable garden, house, community or farm design, or are you up for entertaining us all at night? Or is your organization or company interested in sharing your expertise and innovative ideas with the rest of us? Please contact us on nordpermafest at gmail . com or simply complete the registration form on our website:http://www.permakulturhaven.dk/

The festival is based on volunteers – and we need more! Do you feel like helping out, before, during, or after the festival please do not hesitate to contact us!


(Please note that we’re currently applying for funds, and as yet haven’t calculated the costs. We promise one thing though, we’ll keep the fee as low as we can – and the food excellent!)


July 16th – 30th 2011

Uddevalla Permaculture Design and Nature Awareness Course
Orreviks Gård, Uddevalla, Sweden
Instructors Aranya, Miki Dedijer & guests

This practical, intensive course offers the possibility of significant and positive life changes.

Merging permaculture design with nature awareness practices, it’s a unique chance to deepen your understanding of permaculture on a solid foundation of nature connection. The two approaches form a powerful synergy for developing your knowledge of place and working with the natural world.

Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening & farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual’s own work, interests and home to bring about a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. Permaculture encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.

Permaculture Association design course certificate Nature awareness is a collection of practices that develop your naturalist and sensory awareness skills, attuning your senses to the current rhythms of the land and animals. This forms a deep and lasting connection that enhances your everyday awareness. Such a deep connection to living systems creates the framework for advanced permaculture training.The course fosters foundational habits to establish strong nature connection, observation, and ecological design skills. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to use the practices of Nature Awareness and Permaculture Design to develop a mutually enhancing interaction with land and community.Course participants will be awarded the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.
”I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and informal teaching styles” *

Orreviks GardOrreviks Gård is an 80 acre farm on Sweden’s west coast in a landscape noted for its stunning variation in biotopes, rich in edges and diversity. The property, which borders an island nature reserve, stretches from the sandy flats by the ocean, along a trout stream, into highland plateaus of firs and blueberry bushes.

The fields, forests and ridges provide ample opportunities for exploring and deepening our relationship to a diversity of beings. Here you can immerse yourself in close encounters with the wild, watch browsing moose, follow lynx trails or harvest mussels from the sea. Thanks to the generous Swedish right to roam tradition, visitors can also enjoy exploring the surrounding lands.

The family, which includes a horse, cats and ducks, honours the farms’ 650 year old tradition by tending the lands with the intent to maximize biological and cultural diversity, offering workshops in nature awareness, tracking, permaculture and much more. A three-story wooden guest-house on the site has offered visitors a place to relax since 1929.

Permaculture Design Certificate course in Estonia 7-16 October 2011

I am happy to let you know that the first Permaculture Design
Certificate course will take place in Estonia this year.

It is scheduled on 7-16 October 2011 and will be given by Albert
Bates, Klaudia Van Gool and Maria Antonieta Martinez Ros.
Please read more here: http://www.lilleoru.ee/?module=news&id=5423&set_design=6

The course is organized mainly for Estonians and the group size is
limited, but we are still ready to receive few participants from our
neighbor countries.
If you might be interested to participate, please let me know about
your wish already in May or beginning of June.

All the best,

Ave Oit
Lilleoru community



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