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For more courses and events in organised in Finnish please visit Kursseja ja tapahtumia Suomessa – page or the Finnish Permaculture network website where both Finnish and international events are being announced with more frequent updates.

A constantly up to date website about permaculture courses everywhere in the world can be found at

Permaculture Design Certificate course 19.9.-2.10. 2011
+ 10 Week Practical Internship 5.10.- 9.12. 2011
Vale da Lama Institute, Algarve, Portugal

If you aim to facilitate real and sustainable changes on the ground, in the world and / or your own backyard, let Vale da Lama be your laboratory.

Featuring Lesley Martin, Darren Doherty, and more.

See a youtube video about the institute and visit the website for more information.

International 9 day bale-cob and cob workshop
in North Latvia (11-19.July 2011),
where we build small cottage with fireplace.

The course work language is English.
More info about workshop

More info about cottage project

Bale-cob is a so called hybrid building method, where outside wall has 2 layers – outside bales and inside cob (sand-clay-straw). 10-15 cm cob accumulate stove heat and gives the change to sculpt rounded furniture into the wall. Strawbales are for insulation. The bales joints are also filled with cob but without cold-bridges. Workshop instructor Jaanus Viese ( has run cob project since year 2004. This workshop is a affiliated workshops with Cob Cottage Company, where Jaanus has studied natural building. Jaanus has 13 years experience as a group facilitator and 7 years background with natural building. Jaanus has also academical backround (Master of Environment Siences), he has worked with many different rocket mass stoves project and build cob and masonry benches and ovens. Check also the cottage foundation and model photos ––video.html

Nordic Permaculture Festival 26-28. August 2011

Location: Hegnstrup, Gl. Københavnsvej 14, 3550 Slangerup, Denmark

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is an event aiming to facilitate and broaden the knowledge of sustainable solutions in our modern world.

The festival will act as a forum for people already engaged in sustainable businesses, construction, agriculture, and other activities to share amongst themselves and the general public.

The festival intents to open up the field of sustainability to a broader public view with a hands-on as well as theoretical focus. The festival is an opportunity for participants from the different Nordic countries to gather and exchange information about sustainable solutions from their areas – both on a national and local level.

Do you want to join us? Or are you interested in instructing a practical or theoretical workshop within your field of experience, present your sustainable garden, house, community or farm design, or are you up for entertaining us all at night? Or is your organization or company interested in sharing your expertise and innovative ideas with the rest of us? Please contact us on nordpermafest at gmail . com or simply complete the registration form on our website:

The festival is based on volunteers – and we need more! Do you feel like helping out, before, during, or after the festival please do not hesitate to contact us!


(Please note that we’re currently applying for funds, and as yet haven’t calculated the costs. We promise one thing though, we’ll keep the fee as low as we can – and the food excellent!)

Permaculture Design Certificate course in Estonia 7-16 October 2011

I am happy to let you know that the first Permaculture Design
Certificate course will take place in Estonia this year.

It is scheduled on 7-16 October 2011 and will be given by Albert
Bates, Klaudia Van Gool and Maria Antonieta Martinez Ros.
Please read more here:

The course is organized mainly for Estonians and the group size is
limited, but we are still ready to receive few participants from our
neighbor countries.
If you might be interested to participate, please let me know about
your wish already in May or beginning of June.

All the best,

Ave Oit
Lilleoru community

Full Residential Permaculture Design Course in Turku, Finland

Dates: August 7th-18th 2011 (72h in 10 days)
Location: Koroinen, Turku, Finland
Teachers: Aranya (UK) and Mari Korhonen (FIN) with guests

Course language is English with translation help for Finnish speaking students.

This practical, intensive course offers the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening & farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual’s own work, interests and home to bring about a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. Permaculture encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.

Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to use the practices of permaculture design and experimental forest gardening in a cold temperate climate like that of Finland. Students will be designing a forest garden to a wild growing garden at the site. Course participants will be awarded the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.

Koroinen is a historical farm site in the south western coast of Finland. Situated by the river Aura in Turku – the oldest city and former capital of Finland – Koroinen was once the cultural and spiritual centre of the whole South Finland. This peaceful area is diverse in habitats, comprising river valleys, organic fields and meadows rich in wildlife. There are a number of important archaeological sites and historical buildings within the area. Although considered a rural area, Koroinen is situated within a walking distance from the centre of Turku (The European Capital of Culture 2011).

Owned by the city, the farm is a centre for local students of Sustainable development and is being worked as a living test-site for sustainable and ecological living. The venue is being used for courses and workshops in crafts and arts, ecological building, organic gardening and Permaculture. In the years to come, Koroinen will become an important centre for sharing and promoting the use of natural materials and traditional methods. The surrounding fields and allotments are used by the students and local residents to grow organic vegetables and berries. There is also a café and a hostel run by the students.

There is an opportunity to get full funding (including travel) for this course from the EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning program.  For further details about the course and how to apply please visit here.

Cool climate permaculture, food forests and solar greenhouse design weekend workshop

Lead by Jerome Osentowski
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Colorado USA
Course language will be English

Jerome Osentowski is the director of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute and has over 30 years of experience in permaculture gardening, food forests and designing solar greenhouses that extend the climate zones to the subtropic. CRMPI is one of the oldest permaculture demonstration sites in the US and a unique example of cool climate food forest garden design located in the Basalt Mountain 2200m above sea level.

The two day workshop program includes introduction to permaculture, food forest design principles and an introduction to solar greenhouse design using permaculture thinking and so called ”climate battery” technology developed at CRMPI which allows extending the growing season and climatic zones all the way to the subtropics without any fossil fuel inputs.

Place: Koroinen, Turku
Time: October 30th-31st 2010,
starting on Friday 29th evening with a potluck dinner and sauna
Price: 40e/person including teaching and meals, or
60e/person with accommmodation at Koroinen in shared dorm rooms.
Bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag, sheets at the venue +5e.
Course size is 25 participants and there is accommodation available for ten people by reservation.

To sign up or ask more information please contact
Mari Korhonen
Tel. 050 366 9881
marikonen at
More information about Jerome and CRMPI at or
The course language will be English

Organised by Turku University of Applied Sciences & ProNatMat, and friends of permaculture Mari Korhonen (Cultural Cooperative Elonkirjo) and Salla Kuuluvainen (Dodo Urban Farmers)

Intro- lecture about cool climate permaculture in Helsinki

October 28th at 5pm Permaculture lecture by Jerome Osentowski, CRMPI
Place: Hub Helsinki, Aleksanterinkatu 16-18
We request the participants for a donation of 5/10/20e. No pre-registration is required.
Lecture language is English
More information:
Tanja Korvenmaa
tanja.korvenmaa at

Permaculture meeting in Turku on Fri Oct 29th at 3pm->
As a result of the enormous interest towards the weekend workshop we are organising a permaculture meeting with Jerome Osentowskin on Friday afternoon before the workshop. The program includes a lecture about cool climate permaculture as well as time for questions, sharing thoughts etc.
Participation fee 10e

Sign ups and further information
Mari Korhonen
marikonen at
tel. 050 366 9881



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