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This Northern Permaculture blog site was established to serve as a forum for Finnish permaculture information, mostly in Finnish. Some of these posts and articles have been written and published in English elsewhere on the web. Click the headline to read the full article.

Permaculture Design with Rosemary Morrow


What makes permaculture teaching innovative and learning centered rather than just a bunch of facts and design pathways? How can a course tackle real life?
A story from a PDC and a Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow on Permaculture Magazine.

How to revive the honeybee

The honeybees are in trouble, and their numbers are declining. This article glimpses the situation by presenting a new documentary Queen of the Sun, and explores the natural revival of healthy bee colonies by natural beekeeping methods. Important and valuable for all permies!

My Beloved Weeds

I was exploring wild edible plants, found a bunch of tasty ”weeds” and so found a new layer of bounty in the garden!

Clever Rocky Mountain Greenhouses Give Major Season Extension

At Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute where I visited in May 2010 I met Jerome Osentowski who has developed permaculture techniques and strategies suitable in the harsh conditions of his site in 2200m over sea level in Basalt Colorado. This article is a report of some of the many amazing things going on at CRMPI.

Finding, Growing and Processing Heirloom Apple Varieties in Finland

An important feature in cold climate permaculture and food forest design are the plant species and varieties that are adapted to the demanding conditions and short growing season. An important strategy is processing and preserving the harvest of our short summer time to be used and enjoyed during the long winter. This is a report from an organic apple nursery that has collected hardy heirloom apple varieties and are now also looking for ways to more efficiently use and add value to the harvest.



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